Are you responsible for Information Security Risk or the
management of real business cyber threats?

Cyber Risk is Business Risk

Do you know what Cyber threats are really of concern to your business?
Are you able and ready to present a convincing business perspective of the cyber risks to the board or to your top management?

Do you have the detail, terminology, facts and evidence available to ensure your message is heard?

Can you explain the seriousness of cyber threats in the context of your own business success?

Is your business too small to have a Security Chief?

How can you make sure that the systems you need to deliver business success are reliable, secure and safe from cyber threats?
Do you make use of an external security services provider?
Do you know how well their service delivery is meeting your business needs?  Are all of your most important assets recoverable in line with business contracts?
Do you know how to develop or extend an Information Security Architecture in support of your business threat reduction plans? And to support your key business objectives? Do you know how to manage choice, selection, and procurement of complex cyber security technical systems? And the processes, metrics and staff required to use them? Are you considering the use of an outsourced information security service provider?   If you are uncertain about the answer to any of these questions, or could use an experienced impartial ally on your side-

Cyber Resilience is a real thing

Not every cyber threat is deadly, but some are! Can you explain the latest headline-grabbing cyber security threat in the context of risk to your own business?
Can you explain why a cyber-resilience strategy makes really good business sense?
Are you able to explain which cyber threats pose the greatest risk to your business, and what needs to be done. Do you know how to frame and enforce that message so that it may be understood without you being present to support it?

Cyber Risk Posture

Do you know which cyber threats matter most to your business?
Can you explain why many of the largest breaches happen to organisations that claim to have deployed the very latest, and best technology?
Do you know how to present your information security systems budget in a way that shows measurable risk reduction value to your organisation?

Would you like to know why establishing your business’s cyber risk posture can be the most valuable risk reduction exercise you ever undertake

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