About Custodiet

Custodiet Advisory Services is the brainchild of Steve Jump, a chartered engineer with a passion for making information security work and for sharing his understanding that cyber risk is far too important for business to consider simply as a technical problem.

Steve provides information security coaching, guidance, and mentorship to executives, directors, CEOs and CISOs who need a business aligned cyber risk strategy, to CIO’s or technical management forming a security team, and provides a business perspective to the specialists that will be joining that team.   

Steve is always willing to share his knowledge around information security, and cyber risk governance and has presented both simple and complex papers and keynotes around cyber security and information risk management topics on stage locally and internationally. And on occasion, even hosting a breakfast or dinner to make sure that the importance of managing cyber risk as a business enabler is never overlooked.

Steve has an unashamedly technical background that he uses to translate complex technology into serious business. He presently consults in the area of information security governance, strategy, architecture, and cyber security risk management, where he expresses support, sympathy, incredulity, and fortunately, frequent flashes of inspiration at the state of information security risk management in business today.

With over twenty five years of practical and strategic information and cyber security experience including ten years of running his own businesses, Steve provides practical and applied cyber security and information risk governance coaching, mentoring, and guidance at an Exco, Board and ISO level to ensure that non-technical and technical business leaders are able to understand that information security risk is about business success more than technology, and how this understanding adds significant value to a business.

Custodiet Advisory is therefore able to provide your business and your most valuable security resources with the necessary support, guidance, coaching and motivation to perform at their peak and to mature and grow as your business requirements intensify.

Your Information Security Officers and Cyber Security specialists are critical to the ongoing success of your business. To protect business they need to both have the business focussed technical skills to defend it, and to be defended within the business itself. 

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  – Who guards the guardians themselves?



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