How we can help

Are you responsible for Information Security and the identification of actual cyber threats?

Custodiet provides a confidant and an experienced, impartial, guide through the most difficult situations and events.   

Whether you are an experienced CISO, a newly appointed head of Information Security, or simply tasked with establishing a team to “fix cyber”, we can provide you with the level of support you need to communicate with the board and business, and to both grow your confidence and share your own experiences with your team. 

It is sometimes lonely at the top; we can provide that extra level of support within the confidentiality of your profession that can allow you to both explain and defend the most critical and controversial risk subjects to your Exco peers and business associates, and to your board.

Where we can assist you today:

Are you able and ready to present a convincing business perspective of the cyber risks to the board?  Do you have the detail, terminology, facts and evidence available to ensure your message is heard?  

Can you explain the latest headline-grabbing cyber security threat in the context of risk to your own business?

Do you know how to frame and enforce that message so that it may be understood without you being present to support it?

Can you explain technically complex cyber threats in a risk and financial framework so that the true representation of business risk may be understood in a clear and actionable way?

Do you need advice or guidance in presenting your information security strategy and its supporting systems budget in a way that shows measurable value and reduced risk to your organisation? 

Do you need to develop or extend an Information Security Architecture in support of your business threat reduction plans?

Do you need advice and guidance in the choice, selection, and procurement of complex cyber security technical systems? And the processes, metrics and staff required to operate them?

Are you considering the use of an outsourced information security service provider?

If you are uncertain about the answer to any of these questions-

Custodiet can help!